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Automatic Gain Control to Correct for Geometrical Spreading+Anelastic Losses.

The seismic amplitudes are usually strongest nearest the source and at early times. Consequently, the raw records usually show very weak or non-existent reflections at the far-offset traces. To display these important signals we gain the data in some fashion. This gain procedure can be a combination of several methods:

% MATLAB 5.0 script for applying AGC to CSG traces in a CSG. 
% For each trace, the energy within a moving window of length
% np is computed and the sample in the center part of this window
% is divided by this energy.
% data(x,t)   - input - nx x nt CSG matrix 
% np          - input - length of AGC window
% out1        - output- traces with AGC applied
inn=[fliplr(data(:,1:np)) data fliplr(data(:,nt-np:nt))];

Gerard Schuster