Seismic Statistical and Deterministic Deconvolution Course

Seismic Statistical and Deterministic Deconvolution Course

Objective: The objective of the statistical and deterministic deconvolution short course is to familiarize exploration seismologists about the theory and practice of seismic deconvolution and zero-phase seismic processing. The prerequisite is a basic knowledge of vectors, matrices, and the Fourier transform. The course will consist of both lectures and in-class exercises.

Instructor: Jerry Schuster (

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    Teaching Schedule

  1. Image Enhancement and Filtering (PDF)

  2. Signals and Systems (PDF)

  3. Z Tranform (PDF)

  4. Couplets and Bilinear Transform (PDF)

  5. Least Squares Traveltime Inversion (PDF)

  6. Deterministic Deconvolution (PDF)

  7. Fourier Transform (PDF)

  8. Discrete Fourier Transform (PDF)

  9. 2D Discrete Fourier Transform (PDF)

  10. Median Filtering (PDF)

  11. 1-D Predictive Deconvolution (PDF)

  12. 2-D Predictive Deconvolution (PDF).

  13. Hilbert Transform (PDF)

  14. Levinson Recursion Algorithm (PDF)

  15. Deconvolution of Vibroseis Data

  16. Adaptive Filtering (PDF)

  17. Practical Aspects of Migration and Resolution (PDF)

  18. 3D Edge Detection: (PDF or HTML or PS)