Basic Seismology Diary

Objective: Introductory and advanced concepts of seismic wave propagation. Vectors and tensors, Hookes law, elastic coefficient tensors, group and phase velocities, boundary conditions, representation theorem, seismogram synthesis in layered media, Snell's law, Fermat's principles, convolutional model of seismogram, well logs, migration, tomography, ray tracing, SH and PSV waves, finite-difference solutions to the wave equation, AVO and surface waves.




. PDF of Book and Outline. Seismic Overview PPT .
Ch. 1 : 09/05-09/09 Acoustic Stress and Strain (Ch. 1): Stress, strain, infinitesimal linear assumption, Hooke's Law, Newton's Law, acoustic wave equation, bulk modulus, density. Planar Solutions to Acoustic Wave Equation (Ch. 1): Wave eqn., plane wave solution, period, apparent wavelength, wavenumber, apparent velocity, slowness, aliasing. Problems 1-3 on pages 7 and problems 1-6 on pages 14-15 in Chapter 1 (Due Sept 19).
Ch. 1: 09/12-09/16 Spherical Solutions to Acoustic Wave Equation (Ch. 1): Spherical divergence, Green's functions, energy of a wave, dispersion relationship, phase velocity. RMS .
Ch. 1: 09/26-09/30 Reflection+Transmission Coefficients (Ch. 1): Snell's Law, Reflection-Transm. coefficients, critical angle, impedance, particle velocity, pressure, free-surface condition, U and D separation, critical angles, refractions, Bright spots, and attenuation. Problems 1, 2, 3, 6, and 7 on page 30. Problems 1 and 2 on page 37. (Due Oct. 3).
Ch. 2: 10/03-10/07 Convolution, Convolutional Forward Modeling, Well Logs, Rock Properties, Seismic Wavelet., Depth2Time In-class problems due Oct. 10. Read Chapter 2.
Ch. 2 and 3: 10/10-10/14 Multiples and FD Soln. to Wave Equation. Lab: 1D Conv. Modeling Lab (Due Oct. 22), read Chapter 3.
Ch. 2 and 3: 10/17-10/21 Stability and Dispersion and ABC Lab: 1D FD. Modeling Lab (Due Oct. 31), read Chapter 3. Do 4 out of the following 5 exercises: Exercises 1, 2, 3, and 4 page 66 and Exercise 3 on page 69. (Due Oct. 31).
Ch. 3: 10/24-10/28 No Lectures this week ;Midterm Test: Oct. 28 Lab: Study Hard.
Ch. 4: 10/3l-11/4 Lecture only on Monday Nov. 2 and Lab on Wed Nov. 4; no lecture Satiurday Oct. 31. Read Chapter 4. Eikonal Equation. Lab: 2D FD. Modeling Lab . (Due Nov. 11)
Ch. 5-6: 11/7-11/9 Traveltime Tomography. Traveltime integral, linearization, steepest descent, regularization, least squares, normal equations, inconsistency, non-uniqueness, condition number, damping parameter, high frequency assumption, overdetermined and undetermined systems of equations. Lab: Matlab Tomography Exercises 1-2.
Ch. 5-6: 11/14-11/17 Traveltime Tomography and seismic experiment. Non-linearity, model covariance matrix, resolution, best resolved features are velocity gradients perp. to rays. Lab: Matlab Tomography Exercises 3-4. (Ex. #4 Due Nov. 21)
Ch. 5-6: 11/21-11/23 Curved ray tomography synthetic lab and traveltime picking lab. (Exercises 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 on page 96 of Chapter 5. Due Dec. 5).
Ch. 7: 12/5-12/9 (Read last elastic chapter in book) Shear strain, SH waves, SH wave equation. Stress tensor, and Einstein notation. SH wave equation, stress tensor and 1st-order elastic wave equation. Problems (Due Dec. 14).
Ch. 7: 12/12-12/14 Strain tensor; 2nd-order isotropic equations of motion for homogeneous medium; P, SH, SV waves, surface waves, dispersion relation, PS and PP reflection coefficients. Love and Rayleigh waves. Final: Dec. 20, 3:00-5:30.