GG5530 PICP IV: Seismic Mapping and Interpretation (

Figure 1. 3D view of the West Cameron 3D seismic survey (Gulf of Mexico) highlighting a Miocene meandering channel.

Objective: Students learn the fundamentals of mapping and interpreting seismic reflection sections and well log data. The goal is to integrate 2-D seismic, 3-D seismic, and log data and identify the location and size of hydrocarbon deposits. All interpretation will be conducted with the 3-D interpretation software by Landmark on workstations. Field data sets will be used for the laboratory exercises. Prerequisites are a knowledge of geology and some math. Who Should Take This Class? Any earth science student who wants to learn modern computerized interpretation methods.

Instructors: Bill Keach ( and G.Schuster (

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Class Hours & Coordinates: The 1st 7 weeks of Spring Semester 1-4PM Thursday . Labs will be conducted in the 7th Floor Computer Lab WBB.

Credits & Grading: 1 Credit Hour

Handouts from past computer interpretation labs: