MATH 6790: Case Studies for Seismic Imaging
(Left) Seismic zero-offset data and (right) after migration image of anticlinal portion of seismic data.

MATH 6790: Case Studies for Seismic Imaging (

Objective: Learn the mathematics and methods for for imaging seismic data.

Instructor: Jerry Schuster (; 460 INSCC)

Grading: Homework 33%, Project 33%, Final 33%

Class Hours: T Th 2:00:-3:20 208 JWB ; Labs in 7th floor computer classroom Browning Bldg.

Class Diary

  1. Feb. 12-14
    Acoustic wave equation, reflection coefficients, forward modeling by Green's theorem: d=Lm , where d, m, and L represent the data, reflectivity model, and forward modeling operator, respectively.
  2. Feb. 19-21
    Forward modeling the wave equation by Green's theorm.
  3. Feb. 26-28
    Backward modeling the wave equation. Approximating the reflectivity by the migration equation m=LT d , where the adjoint operator T is computed by a surface integral.
  4. March 4-6
    Finite difference solution to the wave equation. Reverse time migration. equation m=LT d . Reverse time mirrors.
  5. March 11-13
    Steepest descent method, preconditioning, least squares migration.