2008 Math 6790 Diary





Feb. 12-14 Powerpoint Overview , Stress-Strain Theory.ppt, and Refl. and Transm. Coefficients.ppt. Acoustic wave eqn., Hooke's law, Newton's law, acoustic and infinitesimal strain approximations, bulk modulus. Stacked section, zero-offset trace, normal moveout correction (NMO), migration. Read pages 1-10 in Basic Physics. Do homework (Due 2/21/2008). .
Feb. 19-21 Exploding Reflector Modeling.ppt and Prestack Modeling.ppt. Read Green's Functions pages 1-8, 12-16. Do homework (Due 2/28/2008). ZO Modeling Lab Due 2/28/08.
Feb. 26-28 Migration, Migration.ppt. Read Migration.pdf. ZO Migration lab Due 03/06/08.
March 4-6 Prestack Migration.ppt; Migration Resolution.ppt; and Time Migration.ppt Read Migration.pdfMigrationDecon.pdf; and Ex. 2 and 4 in this Chapter (Due: 03/11/08). ZO Radar Migration with Antialiasing Lab (Due 03/13/08) or ZO Colluvial Wedge Migration Lab (Due 03/13/08), or Japan Sea Migration Lab (Due 03/13/08).
March 11-13 Reverse Time Migration . Lab: RTM